At BIRD Aviation, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional standards in aviation maintenance, always on time and within budget. With our commitment to quality, we've transformed the 8121 sqm facilities of the former national flag carrier of the Republic of Cyprus. Our innovative systems incorporate evolving technologies, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of airline fleets.

Your Aircraft - Your safety
Our commitment

BIRD Aviation specializes in managing and optimising partnerships with leading OEMs worldwide. Our vision is to become the go-to for full turnkey modification projects, tackling any special request with precision and confidence.

Facilities Overview

BIRD Aviation’s hangar can be used in a versatile way to accommodate modification work and special projects.
Parking for 2 aircraft is available at the external space of the hangar.

Ground Floor:

1  m²

First Floor:

1  m²

Second Floor:

1  m²

‘One stop-shop’ for total Aircraft Maintenance Care and technical solutions
We work in partnership with CAMO Services and the Cyprus Aviation Maintenance Academy to cater for all your maintenance needs.

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Our Services

We are based in an airside, state of the art, dedicated hangar with space and facilities to expand within. We are dedicated to providing precisely what the customer requires and are open to any suggestions to the services that we can add to our existing range that would be of benefit to you.

Since 20222, Bird Aviation can offer top-tier full strip and paint solutions for narrow-body aircraft.

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