Our Clients

Your Aircraft. your safety. Our commitment.

At Bird Aviation, we take our motto very seriously and aim to deliver exceptional standards of maintenance.

Aviation Capital Group

ACG has been a valued customer of Bird Aviation since 2020, benefiting from a range of comprehensive services including base maintenance C-Checks, cabin reconfiguration, painting, and parking preservation arrangements.  

Aviator Capital

Bird Aviation offers comprehensive services to Aviator Capital Management which includes re-registration of aircraft, Borescope Inspection (BSI) support, conducting demo flights, and facilitating parking preservation arrangements. 


Bird Aviation has been providing Base Maintenance Checks for easyJet for the past 5 years including 2C Checks at 8-year and 14-year intervals, aircraft modifications, painting, sheet metal works for aircraft structures, landing gear removal/installation, and more.

Sky Express

SKY Express has been working with Bird for a range of services including Line Maintenance night stop tasks, On-Call Maintenance Support, Base Maintenance Bridging Checks, and other Base and Line Maintenance ad-hoc requests. 


Wizz Air has been working with Bird Aviation since 2020. The project’s primary objectives were ensuring aircraft safety, minimising downtime, complying with regulations, optimising performance, reducing costs, and more.


Bird Aviation specialised in providing comprehensive base maintenance services for Peach Aviation, covering a range of tasks such as C-Checks, end-of-lease projects, engine changes, landing gear removal/installation, full aircraft painting, and more.

Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways has been a valued client of Bird Aviation, benefiting from a range of maintenance services including a 6-Year C-Check on an Airbus A320 in 2022 and Fuel Nozzles Replacement on another Airbus A320 in 2024. 

Avion Express

Avion Express, a prominent player in the aviation industry, engaged Bird Aviation for a series of comprehensive base maintenance services. 

TAP AirPortugal

TAP Air Portugal, a major airline, engaged Bird Aviation for comprehensive base maintenance services. This collaboration served as a critical evaluation of Bird Aviation’s capabilities in preparation for the upcoming 2024/2025 season. 

Tus Air

Bird Aviation specialises in providing line maintenance services for TUS Airways, including daily and weekly checks, schedule inspections up to borescope inspections, on-board flight engineer services, painting touch-ups, engine works, and more. 

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