Bird Aviation & easyJet

Bird Aviation has been providing Base Maintenance Checks for easyJet for the past 5 years. The scope of work included 2C Checks at 8-year and 14-year intervals, aircraft modifications such as cabin reconfigurations, painting, sheet metal works for aircraft structures, landing gear removal/installation, and engine changes.

The task:

The primary goals of the project were to complete projects within proposed Turnaround Time (TAT) with high quality, transparency, and good reporting, as well as to achieve milestones set by easyJet. Therefore, the major requirements for Bird Aviation were to meet the TAT and ensure timely shipping of goods.

Bird Aviation team members played various roles, mostly working individually or in pairs. They monitored aircraft activities, negotiated proposed man-hours, and ensured compliance with work requirements. In addition, Bird provided local accommodation for all of the easyJet team members that joined us in Cyprus.
Technologies and Tools: The project utilized maintenance programs like Alkym and AMOS, along with tools such as MS Project and Airbus World. Additionally, innovative solutions like a new costing file and automated tools for invoicing and material verification were implemented. 

Challenges and Solutions:

Constraints such as time objectives for heavier checks, resource availability, and challenges arising from management changes affecting projects impacted the smooth progression of the project.

Challenges encountered during the project were addressed effectively, with the most significant challenge being an Airbus issue in 2023 causing a 1.5-month delay in one aircraft. However, other easyJet checks proceeded concurrently.

Results and Achievements:

The project successfully delivered aircraft on time and in excellent condition, meeting the set objectives. Bird received lovely feedback from easyJet at the end of the last project indicating a positive performance. Measurable benefits included the use of Gantt charts for all customers, leading to improved transparency and efficiency.
Fraser Bell, Liaison Engineer at easyJet, shared: “I would like to thank everyone for their tremendous effort this season in delivering all 12 aircraft for easyJet. The planning team had everything running like clockwork. If it wasn’t for the forms at the end of the check and the odd amendment, I wouldn’t even know they’re there. A very well-oiled machine indeed!”

He further commented on the great work to all our teams: “In the cabin, the cabin team have surpassed expectations time and time again. Delivering exceptionally high standards even down to the smallest details. Even on the final aircraft, where there was a great deal of pressure on the cabin team, standards did not slip. Appearance matters a great deal to our customers and the image of the airline. A huge thankyou for your late nights on AMOS and long days in the hot cabin.

“The structures guys are top notch. That frame 69 repair has impressed everyone in easyJet. No one believed it would have been completed in time but you proved us wrong. Great work all season to everyone  in the workshop.

“The logistics hero! You’re work this year has been outstanding, easily taking on that of 3 people and still being on top of everything. You really are a credit to the MRO and I’d hate to be the person to fill your shoes.

“The aircraft wouldn’t be to such a high standard if it wasn’t for the painters. The team have beautifully painted everything from door trims to belly panels and are a huge contribution to the appearance of the aircraft when it returns to service.

“Lastly, great work this season keeping everything together. Even with every meeting, late night, early start, every problem came with a solution and the aircraft eventually returned to service.

“Bird Aviation has an excellent team in the hangar, and they should be very proud of what they have achieved over the last few months.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and I hope to work with you again in the future.” 

Future Plans:

Bird Aviation and easyJet are working on a contract extension for the next, indicating potential plans to expand the partnership further!