Bird Aviation & TUS

Bird Aviation specialises in providing line maintenance services for TUS Airways, covering a range of tasks such as daily and weekly checks, schedule inspections up to borescope inspections, on-board flight engineer services, painting touch-ups, engine works, spare parts removal and installation, battery overhauls, A-checks, and parking/storage activities. Despite challenges such as geopolitical events affecting TUS’s operations and budget constraints, Bird Aviation continues to support TUS Airways, adapting its services to meet their evolving needs. 

The task:

The primary objective of the line maintenance project was to efficiently and effectively maintain aircraft, ensuring they depart on time and at top quality. This includes providing fast response times for any Aircraft on Ground (AOG) services required by TUS Airways. 

Bird Aviation was required to deliver high-quality service and respond promptly to any AOG services needed by TUS Airways. This includes adapting to changes in TUS’s operations and budget constraints due to external factors.  

The project primarily utilised Bird Aviation’s ALKYM system for job card management and an Excel file for invoicing. 

Challenges and Solutions:

Bird Aviation and TUS encountered various challenges, including time constraints, technical issues, regulatory compliance, and operational pressures, during this project. They were overcome through effective organization, planning, and communication with the customer. 

The project faced constant challenges such as the cancellation of planned checks due to organizational and operational changes at TUS Airways. Bird Aviation adjusted its model to accommodate TUS’s challenges, demonstrating flexibility and support during difficult times. 

Bird Aviation also allocates office space and storage for TUS’s parts, ensuring their satisfaction with the project’s progress and charges and supporting them in the management of the pool agreement for spare parts. 

Results and Achievements:

Despite challenges, the project continued to deliver successful outcomes. The line maintenance team remained on-call for TUS Airways, and the TUS representatives expressed satisfaction with Bird Aviation’s performance. 

The project consistently met its objectives by ensuring aircraft are maintained to high standards, whether parked or in flight, regardless of operational and organizational difficulties. 

The project led to increased line maintenance activity and improvements in operational efficiency and quality.  

This also allowed Bird Aviation to develop its capabilities to support its clients beyond the aircraft maintenance activities and especially in logistics and parts management. 

Future Plans:

The line maintenance project with TUS Airways continues, with plans for a new contract under preparation and review, demonstrating Bird Aviation’s commitment to supporting its clients and expanding partnerships.