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Bird Aviation & Peach

Bird Aviation specialised in providing comprehensive base maintenance services for Peach Aviation, covering a range of tasks such as C-Checks, end-of-lease (EOL) projects, engine changes, landing gear removal/installation, full aircraft painting, cabin modifications, structures, and carpet fabrication/installation. Despite challenges such as time and budget constraints, Bird Aviation strives to deliver complex projects and at top quality, meeting the specific requirements of Peach Aviation. 

The task:

The main objectives of the project included effectively and efficiently completing base maintenance projects, redelivering aircraft to the Lessor and to top quality standards, ensuring compliance with EOL requirements, and delivering parts promptly. Efficient planning and cost management were also key goals. 

Bird Aviation signed an EOL contract for four aircraft with Peach Aviation and were all completed as directed by Peach despite various constraints and challenges. 

The project involved representatives from Peach, Willis (the CAMO entity of Peach Aviation), and SMBC (the Lessor). The roles varied from inspections to approving manhours for the check and overseeing findings. Bird Aviation accommodated team members by providing offices, and overall satisfaction was significant. 

Technologies utilised in the project included ALKYM for maintenance management, Excel for data processing, and MS Project for project planning. Weekly Gantt Charts were prepared and shared with the customer for better project tracking. 

Challenges and Solutions:

The project faced constraints such as late changes of the workscope and supply chain shortages, as well as additional difficulties related to several parties working on EOL projects. Weather conditions also impacted the project timeline specially the stripping/painting of the whole aircraft. 

These various challenges were addressed through organisational planning, daily meetings, and communication between departments. Weekly Gannt Chart preparations helped overcome delays, and special attention to parts procurement ensured a smoother project execution. 

Results and Achievements:

Even if EOL checks are complicated, the project was successful, with all objectives met. Three aircraft were delivered to EasyJet, the next operator, after engine changes and painting.  

The project resulted in gained experience in working on EOL projects, improved collaboration with Lessors, and enhanced expertise in stripping and painting whole aircraft. These lessons will inform future projects and partnerships. 

Yuji Hirose, Senior Vice President – EOL Management at Peach Aviation Limited, sent a heartfelt letter to Bird Aviation expressing appreciation for the team’s dedication and support.  

“We Peach Aviation truly appreciate your professionalism and all support for this aircraft and the long journey so far, and we are looking forward to working and walking together continuously and hope to strengthen great partnership among us.” 

Future Plans:

While future plans to build upon or expand the partnership are pending, Bird Aviation’s commercial department has shared available slots for 2024, indicating potential for continued collaboration.