Avion Express

Bird Aviation & Avion Express

Avion Express, a prominent player in the aviation industry, engaged Bird Aviation for a series of comprehensive base maintenance services. 

The task:

Bird Aviation was tasked with a multifaceted maintenance project for Avion Express, which included Base Maintenance C-checks, re-delivery checks, bridging checks, painting, landing gear removal and installation, structural work, modifications to engines and cabins, and carpet fabrication and installation. 

The primary objectives for this project were clear and ambitious. Bird Aviation aimed to deliver high-quality maintenance checks, ensure aircrafts departed on time, streamline efficiency and effectiveness across operations, and manage findings from Lessor representatives seamlessly during re-delivery checks. 

The project involved close collaboration between Bird Aviation and representatives from Avion Express and the Lessor companies. Four key representatives from Avion Express monitored the project’s progress, engaging in daily meetings with Bird Aviation’s shift managers. Lessor representatives played a crucial role in identifying and addressing findings throughout the project. 

Bird Aviation took significant steps to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of all team members. Accommodations, including hotel bookings, car rentals, and meal arrangements, were handled by Bird Aviation. Additionally, daily treats were provided on-site to create a welcoming and pleasant working environment. 

Challenges and Solutions:

Meeting the project’s objectives required Bird Aviation to adhere to several stringent requirements. A sharp Turnaround Time (TAT) was critical, necessitating precise scheduling and rapid execution. The involvement of third parties added complexity, demanding effective coordination and communication. Timely delivery of parts and efficient handling of logistics were also paramount to keep the project on track. Additionally, meticulous planning was essential to navigate the project’s multifaceted demands. 

The project faced significant challenges, primarily related to time constraints. Lessor representatives frequently identified new findings, necessitating continuous adjustments and re-evaluations. This constant influx of new issues placed immense pressure on the project’s timeline and resource allocation. 

Resource limitations, technical issues, regulatory compliance, and operational pressures further compounded these challenges. Despite these obstacles, Bird Aviation remained committed to delivering high-quality outcomes. 

To manage the project’s complexity, Bird Aviation employed a range of technologies and tools. ALKYM was used for maintenance and engineering management, while Excel, MS Word, and MS Project facilitated documentation, planning, and the creation of Gantt charts. 

Bird Aviation addressed the project’s challenges through effective planning, robust organisation, and clear communication with the customer. These strategies helped navigate time constraints, resource limitations, technical issues, regulatory compliance, and operational pressures. 

Results and Achievements:

The project required innovative solutions to address unforeseen delays. One notable adaptation was the frequent adjustment of the production line to accommodate late releases of aircraft. This flexibility allowed Bird Aviation to manage pipeline delays effectively and maintain project momentum. 

Despite the numerous challenges, the project was completed successfully. All three aircrafts underwent the required maintenance and checks, although delays did impact overall satisfaction. The representatives from Avion Express and the Lessors were not entirely pleased with the delays, but the quality of the work met the expected standards. 

The primary objective of completing the project successfully was achieved, though the delays posed significant challenges. The commitment to high-quality maintenance and on-time departures was evident, even under operational pressures. 

While no formal written feedback was received, several internal improvements were noted. The production team learned valuable lessons, leading to enhanced efficiency in future projects. The logistics department refined its processes for faster turnaround times, and inter-departmental communication improved significantly. Handling third-party customers also saw marked improvements. 

Future Plans:

Building on the foundation of this successful project, Bird Aviation and Avion Express have signed a one-year contract for 2Y Base Maintenance checks for 2024-2025. This contract reflects the strong and evolving partnership between the two companies and sets the stage for continued collaboration. 

This case study illustrates Bird Aviation’s dedication to excellence, adaptability in the face of challenges, and commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring successful outcomes and laying the groundwork for future projects.