Atlantic Airways

Bird Aviation & Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways has been a valued client of Bird Aviation, benefiting from a range of maintenance services including a 6-Year C-Check on an Airbus A320 in 2022 and Fuel Nozzles Replacement on another Airbus A320 in 2024. 

The task:

The main objectives of the projects encompassed ensuring aircraft safety, regulatory compliance, minimising downtime, optimising operational performance, reducing costs, and providing exceptional customer service. These objectives guided Bird Aviation’s efforts in delivering high-quality maintenance services to Atlantic Airways. 

For the 6-Year C-Check and Fuel Nozzles Replacement projects, Bird Aviation needed to meet specific requirements including adherence to turnaround time (TAT), shipping of materials, compliance with manufacturer maintenance manuals, regulatory standards, inspection procedures, repair and replacement, and documentation/reporting. 

The project team typically consisted of one or two members inspecting the aircraft, overseeing mechanics, negotiating man-hours, and ensuring adherence to job task cards. Atlantic Airways representatives were accommodated at Bird Aviation, and overall, they were highly satisfied with the project.  

Technologies utilised included ALKYM for maintenance management, MS Project for project planning, Airbus World for aviation data, and specific logistics platforms for efficient operations. 

Challenges and Solutions:

The projects faced constraints such as resource limitations, time constraints, regulatory compliance, operational pressures, budget constraints, and specific challenges related to working outside the hangar for the Fuel Nozzles Replacement project. 

Various challenges were encountered and addressed through organised planning, effective communication, resource management, problem-solving, and continuous improvement strategies. 

Results and Achievements:

Both aircraft were released on time and in excellent condition. The outcomes included enhanced safety, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. 

While no written feedback was received, measurable benefits and improvements resulted from the projects, including increased efficiency, data-driven decision-making and quality improvements. 

Future Plans:

Bird Aviation has a General Terms Agreement (GTA) in place with Atlantic Airways, indicating a potential for future partnership expansion or renewal.