Aviation Capital Group

Bird Aviation & ACG

ACG has been a valued customer of Bird Aviation since 2020, benefiting from a range of comprehensive services including base maintenance C-Checks, cabin reconfiguration, painting, and parking preservation arrangements. Despite facing challenges such as time and resource constraints, Bird Aviation aims to ensure aircraft safety, compliance with regulations, and exceptional customer service for ACG.

The task:

The primary goals of the project included ensuring aircraft safety, regulatory compliance, minimising downtime, optimising operational performance, reducing costs, and providing exceptional customer service. These objectives guide Bird Aviation’s efforts in delivering high-quality maintenance services to ACG.

Bird Aviation needed to meet specific requirements for aircraft C-Checks and parking preservation services, including adherence to turnaround time (TAT), timely shipping of materials, compliance with manufacturer maintenance manuals, regulatory standards, inspection procedures, and documentation.

The project involved one or two team members inspecting the aircraft, overseeing mechanics, negotiating man-hours, and challenging additional job tasks. ACG representatives were accommodated at Bird Aviation, ensuring overall satisfaction with the project.

Challenges and Solutions:

The project faced constraints such as resource limitations, time constraints, operational pressures, and budget constraints. Additionally, challenges specific to end-of-lease aircraft maintenance included limited expertise, resource allocation, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Various challenges were addressed through organised planning, effective communication, resource management, problem-solving, and continuous learning. Strategies such as daily meetings and Gantt Charts helped overcome delays and miscommunication.

Technologies utilised in the project included ALKYM for maintenance management, MS Project for project planning, Airbus World for aviation data, and specific logistics platforms for efficient operations.

Results and Achievements:

Despite challenges, the project resulted in the timely release of aircraft in excellent condition. The outcomes varied but included enhanced safety, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Bird Aviation’s handling of a damaging incident demonstrated its commitment to customer loyalty and reputation management.

Bird Aviation received positive feedback from ACG, demonstrating satisfaction with the overall performance. Measurable benefits and improvements included increased efficiency, data-driven decision-making, cost-effectiveness, quality improvements, enhanced safety, compliance, and transparency.

Paul Watkins, VP Technical Services EMEA at ACG, sent great feedback to Bird Aviation: “A big thank you to the base and line maintenance teams for ensuring the departure of our aircraft. I know many worked antisocial hours to make it happen which does not go un-noticed.”

Paul added: “A short note of thanks to all involved in the Heavy Structural Check and Interior Reconfiguration project in support of our lease placement of the aircraft to Muscat based airline Salam Air. As a team each one of you contributed to the success of the project which completed ahead of the scheduled CRS target and despite the aircraft arriving into check later than planned.

Despite the large maintenance and extensive interior reconfiguration workscope, this was one of the most successful projects I can remember in some time. I am grateful for all of your efforts and dedication to supporting ACGs goals and to the level of professionalism demonstrated by the entire Bird Team.”

Nicos Astras, Tech Rep/Consultant at ACG shared: “Our aircraft made the 9hr flight to EMA and landed on time for the paint slot despite the short notice provided to all. I would like to thank the whole team for the great effort to achieve the time frame goals which involved people staying late or have to return back to sign extra paperwork required from our side.”

Future Plans:

Bird Aviation has plans to renew the General Terms Agreement (GTA) with ACG, indicating a commitment to building upon and expanding their partnership in the future.